Cream Club

Cream Club PattayaCream Club Pattaya is located towards the 2nd Road end of the Soi Diamond alley. It is immediately opposite the well known Casino Club.

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Diamond Agogo

Diamond Agogo PattayaDiamond Agogo closed in April 2015. At the moment we do not know if it will open again but things are not looking good. It was located in Soi itself (not the arcade).

It was the first gogo bar to open in Walking Street and, we believe the second gogo bar to open in Pattaya.

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Sexy Hippo Bar

Sexy Hippo bar PattayaThe Sexy Hippo bar is located in the Soi Diamond alleyway next door to Casino Club. It is a nicely decorated indoor beer bar with a good sized outside seating area also. Continue reading

Byblos Club Agogo

Byblos Agogo PattayaByblos is located on the corner of Soi Diamond (alleyway) and 2nd Road in Pattaya. It is a medium sized gogo bar with three floors although the top floor is rarely used. Continue reading

Gentlemens Club Agogo

Gentlemens Club agogo PattayaGentlemens Club agogo is located at the rear of the Diamond Arcade. The entrance is at the beginning of the Soi itself where the arcade narrows into the alleyway.  Continue reading