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Casino Club PattayaCasino Club has never been sure whether it is a gogo bar or a night club so we have put it into the gogo and “other” categories. earlier in the evening it seems to operate as a fairly straightforward agogo bar but operates more as a night club, or disco, as you get into the early hours.This may well have something do do with its opening hours as it is one of the venues that stays open right up to, and beyond, daybreak. As a result it gets very busy from around 03.00 am onwards although it actually opens at 9pm.

It is located in Soi Diamond, not the arcade, at the 2nd Road end of the Soi. if you enter from 2nd Road it is on your left. Look for the red wall and the logo in the image above.

Address: Soi Diamond, Pattaya, Thailand.

Contact: via website (see link below)

Casino Club website – VERY out of date.

Casino Club on Facebook – like the website this is rarely maintained.

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