Soi Diamond Pattaya

Soi Diamond, featuring the Diamond Arcade and Soi Diamond Alleyway, is located between Walking Street and 2nd Road in Pattaya, Thailand. If you are on Walking Street just look for the large neon archway. If you are coming from 2nd Road (Pratumnak Road) you should be looking for the next Soi along after Sois 14 and 15..

The main arcade contains mainly larger bars and Agogo bars around the outside with some beer bars in a small complex in the centre. At the rear of the Arcade it narrows into the Soi itself, Soi 16, where you will find a few more gogo bars plus many small bars, restaurants and a few hotels.

It is home to some of the longest established, more traditional, and some say still the best gogo bars in Pattaya. Diamond Agogo, after which the arcade and the Soi is named, was the 2nd gogo bar to open in Pattaya and the first in the Walking Street area, way back in the late 1970’s.

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